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20 April 2009 @ 10:00 am
Hello, fellow Joshayley lovers :D  
So this looks like a really fun group, but it's kinda quiet around here so I thought I'd help things get moving if that's okay.

I'd just like to introduce myself.

My name's Angelica.
I'm thirteen-years-old (I know. Pretty young, huh?)
Paramore has been my favorite band since '07, I believe.
I've been a Joshayley fan since I first saw them together. (It was so obvious there was a connection.)

I love writing Joshayley fanfiction too. I'm not the greatest of writers, but I think my fanfiction is okay. I basically love anything to do with the whole Joshayley fandom. Fanfics, gossip, anything.

That's why I think, once this group gets going, it's going to be amazingly fun :D