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joshayley is love.

Joshayley is Love.
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Josh Farro and Hayley Williams are just meant for each other ;D

A B O U T ♥

Joshayley is Love.

Do you think Josh has a crushcrushcrush on Hayley? Or vice-versa?
Do you think they'd make a perfect couple?
Are you Joshayley mad?
Obsessed with Joshayley fanfiction?

Then this community may just be the solution.
See, we here love Josh and Hayley. They ought to be together ;D

So, join, post and share your Joshayley love!

- No bashing Josh, Hayley, Paramore or any of the community members or moderators.
- No foul language.
- If posts are long or contain numerous large images, put them under an LJ-cut.
- Type in a sensible manner.
- If posting a fanfic, use an LJ-cut and please include warnings/ratings.
- Have fun :D

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